Mozilla announces new Android browser

by Anmol
January 31, 2019

In a blog post today, Mozilla asked users to come forward and test their new project called Reference Browser. According to Mozilla, Reference Browser will be their go-to app to test new projects and products.

Mozilla said that the company is building an app to test products like GeckoView, and Glean before they are released to the public. Mozilla also mentioned that the reference browser is not a product but a collection of parts which may be used to create web browsers for different platforms.

The mobile team has been working hard on a new infrastructure that will help Mozilla build new mobile apps. This infrastructure is made up of a number of components (such as GeckoView, Glean and a new Firefox Accounts implementation) that have been brought together in a Reference Browser. This is NOT a new end product, it is a collection of parts, some or all of which may be used to create web browsers for different platforms. But before we can use them, we need to make sure they all work together in one place.

Talking about privacy, Mozilla ensured that the data collected from their user’s devices will be safe but did suggest users to create a backup of important stuff like passwords and bookmarks in case there is data loss.

We are reasonably certain your personal data is safe, but I recommend making sure you still have a copy of bookmarks and passwords in another copy of Firefox…just in case!

If you’re interested in signing up, you can follow the steps below to get the app right now. Do remember that it might come with bugs and may be unstable for the everyday use.

Lastly, Mozilla did urge users to share as much feedback as possible so they could improve the end products that get shipped to the public.

Via: Techdows

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