Motorola sends out invites for the possible foldable RAZR phone launch

Earlier this year, we came to know about Motorola’s ambitious project to revive the old RAZR brand. The company was planning to launch a limited edition foldable phone under the RAZR brand name. Later someone close to the company revealed some of the specs of the new Motorola RAZR foldable phone which lead to designers creating concepts based on the information available.

While the concepts are a great way to imagine a new smartphone, they are not even close to the thing. The good news is we might not have to wait for long as Motorola is sending out invites for a November 13 launch event in Los Angeles. The invitation promise “highly-anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon.” The invite also comes with a GIF showing a hinge from the original Motorola RAZR phone.

Motorola RAZR is expected to launch with mid-range specs and cost around $1,500 or €1,500. With Huawei Mate X delayed and Galaxy Fold having its own set of problems, Motorola might have a chance to beat both Huawei and Samsung.