More Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23022 screen shots – starting to look pretty great

XDA hacker Shadowline has published a series of screenshots showing of the latest improvements in Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23022.  Apparently the changes break compatibility with many applications, but hopefully this is not a permanent situation.

Screen01  Screen0223     

Firstly, the move of the OK button to the bottom of the screen seems like a permanent feature.


The task bar now features enlarged icons when you tap it, with the list scrollable horizontally.


The volume icon now produced a much larger and more finger-friendly pop-up.


This above picture is a mock-up, but the lock screen now appears to code for play controls while the device is locked, which should be a pretty cool feature.


Lastly, double-tapping anywhere on the screen now produces a magnifier pop-up.

The rate of improvement seems much faster than seen previously, and is likely the result of increased investment by Microsoft in their Mobile and Embedded Division.

Read this XDA-Developer thread for more details, and if you are more adventurous, a download of the cooked ROM.

Thanks wreiad for the tip.