More on HTC ‘going big’ with Windows Phone 8

Reuters has provided some more detail to the recent story that HTC is planning to “go big” with Windows Phone 8.

Quoting Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s president of sales and marketing, he said HTC has high hopes that Windows Phone 8 will boost its smartphone sales due to a strong new design and support from wireless service providers.

Mackenzie emphasised that HTC’s strong carrier relationships, always a strength of the company, will give it an advantage over Nokia. Noting Nokia was not able to announce any carrier deals on Wednesday, he said:

“I feel very strongly we’ve got very concrete carrier support in every region around the world including the United States and I’m not talking about just one carrier. Our plan is to go big on Windows 8.”

He said HTC has firm commitments from operators to sell its Windows Phone 8 devices.

Also addressing a Nokia strong point, he said HTC would provide “a unique (industrial design) language for Windows phones, a language that can be held up by Microsoft as a flagship.”

In comparison, he said, other Windows phones makers who also produce Android devices “haven’t typically given their A plus designs to Windows phones.”

“They’ve been designating those to Android,” he said.

Saying HTC was pursuing “a more balanced portfolio” in terms of Android and Windows revenue, he said “That wouldn’t mean we’d want to dial back on Android. We want to grow Android and grow Windows at the same time.”