More information on Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 1000 processor leaks

We already know Qualcomm is all in on Windows 10 on ARM, already confirming that they created the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor just for the OS for example.

Now more detail has leaked (via regarding the rumoured successor to that chip, the Snapdragon 1000 processor, which should show up in the 3rd generation of Windows 10 on ARM laptops.

The processor will apparently be competitive with Intel’s  Y and U series Core processors and have a TDP of around 12 watts, much more than the 5 watts found in the best mobile processors till now. In fact, it may run so hot that on some occasions it may need active cooling. The die size is also believed to be around 20 x 15 millimetres, much larger than most mobile processors till now, though still much smaller than Intel’s chips.

Qualcomm is reportedly testing the system in a reference design with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB UFS 2.1 memory, suggesting the company has ambitions for the high-end ultrabook market. The test rig also has WIFI G and the software modem of the SnapDragon 855 processor and new power management silicon.

Interestingly the processor is socketed rather than soldered, reflective of moving into the big league, though of course, this may not be the final configuration.

The processor may first show up in the leaked Asus Primus device, but no information on this device besides the code-name has leaked yet.

The powerful chip will hopefully erase the reputation so far of Windows 10 on ARM being sluggish and underpowered.  We should see the first devices with the new technology sometime next year.