More details about the revolutionary ASUS ScreenPad Plus secondary touchscreen

May 27, 2019
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At Computex, ASUS today announced the ZenBook Pro Duo, a powerful laptop which comes with a full-width secondary 32:9 aspect-ratio touchscreen (3840 x 1100) that works seamlessly with the main display. It allows consumers enjoy the benefits of dual-screen computing in a single device. Consumers can also manage tasks on the main display while using the secondary display for extra toolbars, multiple cross-references and companion apps. This secondary display is called ScreenPad Plus and it is placed directly above the laptop’s keyboard.

Here’s how you can use the ScreenPad Plus:

  • You can use ScreenPad Plus just like any standard second display in Windows to display visual content.
  • You can take advantage of many time-saving features and functions built into the ScreenXpert control software to simplify multiscreen window and app management.
  • You can also drag discrete apps, toolbars or menus onto ScreenPad Plus to reduce clutter on the main screen and enhance work efficiency.
  • Creators can dock their tools such as video previews, timeline controls, code windows or audio mixer panels onto ScreenPad Plus to optimize workflow.
  • Social communications apps placed on ScreenPad Plus while working can help reduce distractions from notifications.
  • Adaptive functions, pioneered in the original ScreenPad, also offer enhanced workflow in apps such as Microsoft Office.
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