More Android 12 leaks: Improved Auto-rotate, Game mode and more

by Surur
February 15, 2021

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XDA-Developers have been leaking some upcoming Android 12 features, and in their latest post, they revealed 3 minor features Google is working on which may show up in upcoming Android 12 betas.

Smart Auto-rotate.

The first is adding AI to the auto-rotate feature, so the screen will not flip at the wrong time.  Reportedly the phone may use your front-facing camera to check the position of your head first to ensure you mean to rotate the handset before flipping.

Game Mode

Google is reportedly working on a new “GameManager service” which will manage game-related features including “manage the game mode and persist the data” across reboot[s].  The details are not clear, but this may be a standard implementation of the Game Mode many OEMs already added to their Android handsets, which optimises the devices for performance.

Google is reportedly also working on a Bluetooth API for detecting battery levels in controllers, to allow users to charge their controllers before they die.

Reduce Brightness

Google is adding a new accessibility feature, previously called “Reduce Bright Colors” but now only “Reduce Brightness.”

Available as a Quick Settings tile, the feature will help those with visual impairments.

The feature should show up in the upcoming Android 12 developer betas, which are expected soon.

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