Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s PS4 exclusive Spec Ops mode is causing disruptions throughout the gaming sphere. 

Announced alongside the likes of The Last of Us: Part 2 at last night’s PlayStation State of Playthe Survival mode will have a one-year exclusivity period on PlayStation. It’s a shame for PC and Xbox One players.

While Survival isn’t a huge part of Modern Warfare, the mode was an incredibly popular addition Modern Warfare 3. Fans were excited to learn of the mode’s addition to the newest title, but its exclusivity has certainly annoyed many.

With the newest CoD title adopting cross-play multilayer with no timed exclusivity on maps, fans knew that PlayStation would be getting something. An entire game mode wasn’t what we were expecting.

“We do our best every day to give our players the best experience possible,” Studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki wrote on Twitter. “There are decisions that are above all of our pay grades that have to be considered. I understand your feelings, but this is much better than others I have seen.”

“I’d rather have everyone playing 99% of the content at the same time than 100% of the content some time later.”

Unfortunately, with CoD games releasing on a yearly basis, Spec Ops will be exclusive to PS4 for the entirety of the game’s life cycle. It’s not ideal; hopefully the game will be content-filled enough to make up for the loss.