Minecraft snapshot 16w35a now available for download with updated privacy policy and bug fixes



Minecraft snapshot 16w35a (Small)

Mojang today released another snapshot 16w35a with fixes for bugs in the 1.11 snapshots. They have also updated their privacy policy. Instead of having their own policy, they are joining the Microsoft Privacy Statement as they can spend less time maintaining separate policy. This is the same policy used by Skype, Outlook and 343 Industries.

Find the list of bug fixes included in this release below.

Bugs fixed in 16w35a:

  • [Bug MC-2298] – Placing trapdoors / fence gates right beside a redstone source will not update them to the open state
  • [Bug MC-4603] – The Ender Dragon is hostile to players in Creative
  • [Bug MC-83337] – Eye of Ender in the mainhand doesn’t block offhand item usage
  • [Bug MC-84095] – Ender Dragon destroys fireballs/Fireballs invisible
  • [Bug MC-85805] – Two pistons smashing a shulker glitch
  • [Bug MC-94274] – Hitbox of cocoa beans too small
  • [Bug MC-94485] – Hand animation continue swing when cocoa block placed already
  • [Bug MC-95738] – Slimes health resets to max when setting any nbt-tag
  • [Bug MC-102506] – Ugly Bryce terrain generation (generation of stone above ground)
  • [Bug MC-103261] – Desert villages generate with cobblestone around the well
  • [Bug MC-104259] – Player/Mob stuck/through when on farmland while it changes to dirt
  • [Bug MC-106058] – Villager converted from zombie has random trades from random profession.
  • [Bug MC-106075] – Hopper timings depend on the gametick they’re activated in.
  • [Bug MC-106099] – Firework Rocket does not spawn
  • [Bug MC-106165] – Mob Potion effects are inflicted through shields
  • [Bug MC-106179] – Zombie burns you when you block with shield
  • [Bug MC-106252] – Slowness arrows from strays don’t stack with crafted/shot arrows
  • [Bug MC-106298] – Unequipping horse armor shows armor equipping subtitle “Horse armor equips”
  • [Bug MC-106300] – Cake hitbox appears at 0,0,0
  • [Bug MC-106302] – Unable to name saddled pigs
  • [Bug MC-106303] – 3 carpets are not enough to smelt one item
  • [Bug MC-106311] – A Tipped Arrow shot in Creative Mode will add to Inventory upon Pickup
  • [Bug MC-106324] – Generated villagers can have impossible Career
  • [Bug MC-106343] – Can’t use right click ability while looking at a Green Villager
  • [Bug MC-106362] – Newly generated Villagers have Incorrect Tier 1 trades
  • [Bug MC-106364] – Lightning impact subtitle is misspelled as lighting
  • [Bug MC-106399] – Igloos generating zombie instead of zombie villager
  • [Bug MC-106524] – Stray chunks being generated far away
  • [Bug MC-106552] – “save-all flush” puts untranslated messages into chat

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