Today, during MINECON 2019, it was revealed that early access to Minecraft Earth, Microsoft’s first mobile AR game, will be rolling out in select countries starting in October.

New features were also promised for the early access version of the game, including crafting and ‘Adventures’ experiences.

Microsoft didn’t go into detail regarding which countries would be first to receive Minecraft Earth’s early access. However, the company did say that it plans to have the game out globally by the end of 2019, save for China, and Earth will support all the same languages as ‘regular vanilla’ Minecraft.

If you’re out of the loop, here’s all you need to know about Minecraft Earth: it’s a mobile AR game, it allows you to build amazing Minecraft creations on the go, and it’s free-to-play with no loot boxes.

To play Minecraft Earth, you’ll need a mobile device that runs at least Android 7 or iOS 10. You’ll also need a Microsoft or Xbox Live login account.

Here are just some of the features of Minecraft Earth:

  • Collecting: Minecraft Earth features many of the mobs that Minecraft players know and love (and potentially hate), along with new ones. The more you play, the higher the chance of discovering unique variants and using them to populate your builds.
  • Exploring: You can explore the world around you to gather resources, take on challenges, and experience a whole new blocky world.
  • Collaborating: You can team up with other Minecraft Earth players to craft together! You know what they say – it takes a village to craft a whole bunch of Minecraft creations, or something like that.
  • Surviving: You can battle Minecraft mobs in real life! Just make sure you don’t stand too close to the Creepers.

To sign up for Minecraft Earth and nab yourself a nice free skin for both Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock, you can follow the link here.