Minecraft Dungeons has fully optimised touch controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming

September 14, 2020
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Microsoft has revealed that the Action-RPG game Minecraft Dungeons will have fully optimised touch controls for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. 

Explained through a press release by Minecraft Dungeons Executive Producer, David Nisshagen, the cutesy Diablo-like will feature from-the-ground-up touch controls and a completely redesigned UI for mobile gamers.

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“Many in the mobile gaming community have told us they want touch controls,” Nisshagen wrote. “[We’ll] release via cloud gaming with fully-optimized, native touch controls and a redesigned UI to make it easy to navigate the inventory or in-game menu on a smaller screen.”

“We’ve also created new overlays and custom layouts to optimize the game for touch. These optimizations will ensure the actions players take the most (move, melee, ranged attack, roll/dodge) are in the most intuitive locations on screen. The experience will make Minecraft Dungeons feel like it was designed specifically for mobile, bringing a level of familiarity to those who’ve been playing mobile games or Minecraft on a phone or tablet for years.”

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Dungeons isn’t the only game to support touch controls on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. While some titles like Hellblade: Sena’s Sacrifice and Gears 5 have bespoke touchscreen control methods, other games will simply have a touchscreen overlay of a standard Xbox One controller layout.

Xbox Cloud Gaming launches tomorrow on Android. For a list of all of the service’s 150+ title launch lineup, check here.

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