Mindvalley Review: Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

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Mindvalley Review

Looking for a detailed Mindvalley review before giving it a try? Before investing your money in an online course, it’s wise to hear from those who’ve walked the path. So, if you’re wondering about free courses, how much the membership costs, who is Mindvalley for, and overall whether it’s worth it, continue reading.

To answer all those questions, I’ve personally checked out a few courses on Mindvalley, the authors’ backgrounds, teaching styles, learners’ community, pricing structure, and much more.

I’ve also checked Mindvalley reviews on Reddit and Quora, and what YouTubers were saying about the service.

What Is Mindvalley?

Launched all the way back in 2002, Mindvalley is a reputable online learning platform aiming to improve the quality of people’s life experiences.

Unlike other typical traditional learning courses, it doesn’t teach you a foreign language or how to code. Rather, it focuses on helping you live a quality life with healthy relations, a peaceful mindset, and a successful career.

Headquartered in New York, the program reaches 80 different countries.

Mindvalley courses are known as “quests,” each curated by world-class experts in the realms of mind, body, soul, career, and more.

Who Is Mindvalley’s Founder?

Want to know the man behind Mindvalley? It’s Vishen Lakhiani, once an engineer at a successful Silicon Valley start-up.

Vishen Lakhiani started his career as a computer engineer. Eventually, he ascended through the ranks and became a senior leader. But he was stressed and burnt out in his so-called successful life.

In his search to address his stress, he realized meditation could improve his quality of life. He then decided to create Mindvalley, as a way to share his insights with the world.

Who Are Mindvalley’s Instructors?

Mindvalley is composed of 300 experts from 59 countries across the world with great portfolios and skills.

To name a few:

  • Jim Kwik is the world’s top brain coach to CEOs, business professionals, investors, etc., teaching them how to improve processing power and productivity. He created a top quest called Super Brain.
  • Dr. Michael Breus is America’s most trusted Sleep Doctor. He made a Mindvalley course called Mastery of Sleep.
  • Ben Greenfield is teaching anyone of chronological age x to look like x/2 biologically. He trains both body and mind for this.
  • Marisa Peer — UK’s #1 therapist
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith — founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center
  • Lisa Nichols — one of the top speaking coaches in the world.

Mindvalley Courses

Mind, Body, Soul, Entrepreneurship, Career, and Relationships are the broad course categories in Mindvalley. Each is housing a multitude of quests.

Let’s now see what each category offers you in this Mindvalley review.


A lot of people believe we use only 10% of the brain we have. This is, of course, a myth, but you can still leverage your brain more. This is what the Mind category in Mindvalley addresses.

There are programs to help you understand about multiple states of your brain, unleash the full potential of your memory, and enhance focus and learning speed.

Courses on mind reprogramming take you through a neuroscientific process, channeling positive habits, thoughts, and emotions in your life.


Tired of those exhaustive gym routines for building your body and health? Mindvalley has a category of courses on the body to help you stay fit and extend your years on this earth.

The category also offers courses on diet and fasting. They’re detailed and explain what, how, how much, and even why you eat.


These quests are teaching you productive ways to focus and practice breathwork techniques to harness the positive energy around you.

You can find subcategories like soul meditation, mindfulness, healing, intuition, and more.


Entrepreneurship courses in Mindvalley help you find a better approach to building a successful business and enjoying a stress-free life.

Explore courses that not only teach you the best tips and techniques to optimize any kind of business but also reveal the secrets of building businesses from scratch.


The quests under the career category let you leverage your brain to learn anything quick and focused. That includes speed reading techniques, mind reprogramming, networking, vision, and much more.


Many successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, or even folks leading a simple life say the toughest job for them is to manage relationships and emotions. So the relationships category in Mindvalley will make it simple for you.

It offers conscious parenting quests that help you raise your child authentically with compassion and empathy. Additionally, you’ll find uncoupling courses designed with powerful strategies and techniques to heal yourself.

Plus, you can count on quests on networking, social relationships, sex, body language, etc.

My Personal Experience with Mindvalley

I was on the hunt for better career growth techniques and ways to build a successful business. In search of mentors and courses, I found Mindvalley on the Internet and gave it a shot.

The signup process was pretty straightforward:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the “Create an Account” button in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Start My Assessment” and take the assessment.mindvalley QUIZ
  • Create an account with your email ID.

Based on your assessment answers, the platform recommends personalized quests to you.

Here Are the Courses I Took

mindvalley course

Generally, I prefer in-person learning over online, especially for non-academic courses. However, Mindvalley’s approach to online learning suited me just fine.

I joined a free masterclass on accessing altered states of mind, led by the founder Lakhiani. His teachings delivered more than I could even expect.

There’s no way to skip a few clips that you feel are unimportant during the masterclass. So, you should take out 90 minutes of your day to finish the free masterclass.

Here’s what I learned from the masterclass about accessing altered states of mind.

What Did I Learn?

The class showed me how to tap into the Theta state of the mind for ideas and delve into the Delta state to bend reality.

According to Lakhiani, many researches show that people able to get into Delta tend to be very lucky, successful, and creative. But how does one reach this state?

Meditation is the key to it.

The instructor taught me the Silva Method meditation techniques. He also guided me through a 10-minute meditation session during the class. That was my first amazing practical experience with meditation.

How Did It Help Me?

To be honest, I’ve never meditated before. But with Lakhiani’s guidance, I started looking at my brain in a whole new way.

The day after the course, I practiced the exact meditation techniques I learned. That whole day went really calm and I was able to crack the data problem that had been puzzling me for a week. I’ve been noticeably more relaxed and focused.

I also realized I knew very little about myself and there was a lot more to learn. So, I explored a few other courses on the platform.

You should definitely try out the free masterclasses before paying for the premium ones.

Mindvalley Free Courses

mindvalley free masterclass

Mindvalley offers a free masterclass of 60-90 minutes every week. One of their top instructors takes these live classes and covers the teaching material.

The ongoing course I can see is ‘How to Put Yourself in an Accelerated Cycle of Growth’ with Vishen.

Few other free masterclasses:

A New Approach to Lasting Weight Loss & a Lifetime of Good Health

Join the nutrition expert Eric Edmeades to permanently quit your unhealthy food habits and discover the secret to lifelong health.

The masterclass teaches you:

  • How to replace sugar candies and chips with healthy cravings
  • Easy techniques to transform your body
  • The ingredients your body really needs to heal and extend your lifespan.

How To Upgrade the Way You Read So You Can Upgrade the Way You Live

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to double your reading speed while absorbing, retaining, and recalling most of the information you’ve read.

The class includes an exercise where you get to put the learned techniques into practice by reading the book you’ll take to the session.

The Japanese Art of Healing Your Money Wounds

Learn to quit your negative beliefs, make the money you desire, and live a peaceful wealthy life. The masterclass contains a quiz to help you find out the beliefs that might be holding you back from creating wealth.

Plus, experience the guided meditation on how to heal money wounds from the past.

Four Powerful Techniques To Tap Into Your Spiritual Body

Beyond the physical world, there exists another magical world within you – the Spiritual world. Unlike other typical spiritual courses, this one teaches you how you can live in the here and now.

Also, the four energy techniques from this masterclass can help you attract more love, more money, and more health.

Who is Mindvalley for?

If you’re looking for personal transformation and leading a clear, peaceful, healthy, or wealthy life, then Mindvalley is for you.

To be more specific, you can find various quests under the Mind, Body, Career, Entrepreneurship, Relationship, and Soul categories.

Mindvalley is for someone who:

  • Is leading a stressful life and looking for a way out.
  • Is in search of a perfect partner.
  • Wants to grow in their career.
  • Desires wealth.

Mindvalley Pricing

mindvalley membership

Mindvalley supports all common payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and more. It offers four levels of memberships:

Level 1: Mindvalley Starter

This level is completely free.

It offers free lessons on powerful transformational ideas, meditation sessions, and online events to stay connected to the community.

Level 2: Mindvalley Partner Programs

Lifebook and Wildfit are the current two partner programs available on the website. They cost $299-$899 per product.

Wildfit is Eric Edmeades’s program to lead a healthy life with longevity. Lifebook delves into every aspect of your life from health and fitness to financial life and career.

Level 3: Mindvalley Membership

You can pay $299 per year or $59 per month to access every quest and program on Mindvalley.

What’s included?

  • Access to all the programs under all categories
  • Access to Mindvalley’s private social network
  • Weekly Mindvalley live sessions from best-selling authors, popular celebrities, etc.
  • Access to Mindvalley meditation – guided meditation audios
  • Community and global meet-ups
  • AI-recommended and personalized curriculum.

Level 4: Mindvalley Membership Pro

This level costs 599$ per year.

It has everything from level 3, plus exclusive access to Vishen and his mentors.

Mindvalley Refund Policy 

Mindvalley currently doesn’t offer any free trial before purchase, but the website claims it offers a one-click refund.

The company offers a 15-day money-back guarantee for all the above-mentioned levels and subscriptions.

However, the refund policy may vary based on purchases made for Apple devices, web purchases, or mobile devices. Some users even complained that they failed to get a refund. So, carefully check the refund policy specific to your purchase.

Moreover, you can cancel your membership whenever you want. You can simply click on the profile icon at the top right corner > click “My Account” > Go to the billing section and cancel from there.

Is Mindvalley Worth It?

In short, my answer is ‘yes, it’s worth it, but only for people with a strong desire for personal development’. Also, keep in mind the cost factor: it’s on the pricy side.

$500 per year is a big amount for online courses. You’ll get access to all of its entrepreneurship, relationship, mind, soul, and other courses, all curated by experts.

The best part is that they guide you practically on how you can implement those concepts in your daily life and go through a transformational journey. Still, I suggest you first try out the free masterclasses and see how it works out for you. If the teaching style and material suit you, you can go for paid plans. Also, keep in mind the tricky refund policy.

In this Mindvalley review, I’ve covered what courses the platform offers, my personal journey, the pricing structure, the instructors, and more. Hopefully, it’ll help you make up your mind about the service.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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