We reported in February that the Microsoft News team was working on a new app, Project Newsbar, which would add a story ticker to your desktop which would deliver articles from 1,200 Microsoft News partners directly to your screen, either as an always-on-top overlay or as a slide-in sidebar.

Now it appears the app has gone into beta as Windows News Bar, and is becoming available to more users.

The settings allow you to set you news location, which stocks you want to watch, set your news location, and set on which monitor and which side of the screen you want the news to appear. The app can also auto-start if you want, and there is a feature which lets you hide the bar for 90 minutes so you can get some work done without being distracted.

When clicked on the stories open in your default browser.

It does not appear to be available for everyone yet but you can keep an eye on the app as it rolls out at its store listing here.

News Bar (Beta)
News Bar (Beta)
Price: Free

Via WalkingCat