Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app will now try and sell you a new PC

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality check app is intended to let you know if your PC meets the minimum criteria for running Windows Mixed Reality before you shell out several hundred dollars for a WMR headset.

Now the app has been updated to 1.0.47. It appears largely the same but now instead of leaving you stranded when you fail the test it will direct you to the Microsoft Store to buy a WMR-capable PC.

The link leads you to this page at Microsoft selling a variety of WMR-capable Windows 10 laptops.

The app will now also offer to display your specs in a separate window, but bizarrely not allow you to copy and paste it.

While the app is somewhat improved it remains clear that WMR is not a major priority at Microsoft.

The slightly updated app can be found in the Microsoft Store here.