Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10 can now open Word and PowerPoint documents


22, 2019

Microsoft has added two important new features to the Whiteboard app for Windows 10. Microsoft Whiteboard app will now be able to open Word and PowerPoint documents alongside PDFs, images, and templates.

To get these two handy new features, you’ll need to make sure to install the latest update of the Whiteboard app. You can hit Microsoft Store and then Check for update, an update for the Whiteboard app then should appear on your PC screen, now all you need to do is install the update. The update is available for everyone.

Microsoft also introduced an improvement to object selection a few days back, the feature simplifies the display and understanding of the selected content. Further, it added new reading tools such as focus mode to improve reading comprehension in the Whiteboard app.


  • The limitless surface ensures that imagination has room to grow and provides space for everyone’s ideas.
  • You can see where everyone is on the board and the updates they’re making—whether they’re adding images, putting up sticky notes, or creating diagrams.
  • The pen-first, touch-first technology lets you make fluid gestures with your fingers or draw out finer details with your pen. Using your fingers, you can swipe to different sections of your board, turn the virtual ruler to the angle you want, and drag and drop images to create a photo stack.
  • Intelligent ink recognizes your freeform drawings and turns them into standard shapes, so it’s easy to create great-looking tables, diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • This app automatically saves your boards, so you can pick up where you left off or share links to your boards, so others can build on top of your work.

You can download Microsoft’s Whiteboard app from the below link, or you can visit Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Whiteboard
Microsoft Whiteboard

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