Microsoft’s Surface Phone may run desktop apps, suggests new leak

by Surur
December 28, 2017

We reported earlier that collection of apps for the so-called Surface Phone has shown up in the store, as discovered by Microsoft watcher Walkingcat.

The apps were designated by the windows-8828080 label, with 8828080 (which happens to be part of Microsoft’s phone number) also found on numerous occasions in Windows 10 with connections to Project Andromeda, Microsoft’s Adaptable shell for Windows 10.

Now has 8828080 shown up as an explicit device category in the Windows Store, as spotted by the WC.

Reportedly apps with that designation include high profile desktop apps such as Spotify, suggesting once again the supposed dual identify of the device, and suggests also that the Surface phone will have a desktop.

The other very interesting implication of the news is that with all this activity the device must be getting close to launch, suggesting we may see what Microsoft has been working on much sooner than expected.

Source: the WC

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