Microsoft’s Q1 2019 earnings: Windows OEM revenue grew 3% YoY

Microsoft has released their earnings report for the Q1 of their 2019 fiscal year (as distinct from the calendar year).

Windows OEM revenue increased 3% (up 3% in constant currency) driven by OEM Pro revenue growth of 8%. This reflects continuing growth from enterprise customers as they move to from Windows 7 to Windows 10 before the 2020 end of support deadline, while Microsoft’s consumer Windows business continues to shrink, down 5% Year on Year, as consumers do more and more on their phones.

Overall for the More Personal  Computing division revenue was a massive $10.7 billion, increased 15% YoY, driven by Gaming and Windows.

While productivity is Microsoft’s North Star, the company is making efforts to become more relevant to consumers, particularly with a cross-platform suite of mobile and desktop apps and services which make it easy to move from your phone to your desktop and back, which will hopefully pay dividends in the long term.

Read the full results here.