Microsoft’s PowerShell Core 6.1 will have AI and IoT Capabilities!


26, 2018

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We recently reported about PowerShell 6.0 being released for Windows, MacOS and Linux Machines. It had great capabilities being migrated from the ancient .NET framework to .NET Core. But now we are hearing that Microsoft is preparing to release PowerShell 6.1 somewhere around June 2018.

This update will add the more powerful, .NET Core 2.0.5 compatibility. Steve Lee is a Principal Engineering Manager in the PowerShell team at Microsoft and he stated that The original port of PowerShell stubbed out support for Device Guard/AppLocker because those APIs were not available on Nano Server, This work will ensure that Device Guard/AppLocker policies are enforced in PowerShell Core 6.0 on Windows systems,

This means that Device Guard and AppLocker will be enhancing the security that will be used by the administrators to place restrictions on the what works in the system and how. With this, the ability to remotely run signed scripts with trusted certificates is scheduled to come.

Lee also informed that “Additionally, Microsoft plans to re-enable some cmdlets, or single-function commands, that missed the PowerShell Core 6.0 release. This is possible due to the recent release of the Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core, which resurrects some of the APIs that were left behind in the transition to .NET Core,

Talking about enhancements in the AI area, Steve Lee said “A new area that we want to explore is leveraging the cloud and machine learning to provide inline suggestions at the interactive command-line, The two primary scenarios I want to target is to support both local and cloud-based suggestions. This is a completely new area for the team, so expect the initial release to be limited, but something we can build upon going forward.”

This update will also make PowerShell very well compatible with IoT devices and their various components and Sensors.

You can read more about it here.

Via : EWeek

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