Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana coming to Android and iOS


26, 2015


Several months ago, there was rumors and reports on Cortana coming to other platforms. Today, Microsoft confirmed that Cortana is indeed coming to Android and iOS. According to Microsoft, Cortana will be available as an app on both of the platforms, and work just like it does on Windows Phone and Windows 10. Cortana will be able to help you get lots of things done, from searching for things on the web or your device to setting reminders, dictating email, or toggling device settings.

Microsoft states that you’ll need to install Cortana using the Phone Companion app which will be available with Windows 10. However, Cortana will have some limitations on Android and iOS, for example, “Hey Cortana” won’t work on Android and iOS. Here’s a video showing off Cortana running on Android (at the 01:47 mark):

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Microsoft has announced that the Cortana companion will be available for Android phones at the end of June and for iPhones later this year. If you’re an Android or iOS user, are you glad that Cortana is coming to other platforms?

Source: Microsoft

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