Microsoft’s new Surface Slim Pen tested (video)



Early this month, Microsoft revealed the new Surface Slim Pen along with the Surface Pro X device. Unlike the existing Surface Pen, this new Surface Slim Pen features a new design with a thin, flat and easy-to-hold profile. Microsoft created this new Surface Slim Pen for customers who prefer writing / sketching / drawing with a drafting pencil form factor. It features a thin and light design based on a carpenter’s pencil for effortless writing. Also, there is a storage tray to store this new Surface Slim Pen in Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, so your pen is always charged and available for you. Early this week, Surface Pro X demo units started arriving at the Microsoft Stores in the US allowing interested customers to experience the device.

Today, Tablet Pro YouTube channel posted a video which shows the new Surface Slim Pen in action, check it out below. Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Surface Slim Pen feels pretty good to hold.
  • Performance similar to the existing traditional Surface Pen.
  • Both the new Slim Pen and old Surface Pen can be magnetically attached to the side of the device.
  • When the Surface Pro X is charging, you can magnetically attach the Pen to the back.
  • Few bugs here and there.
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You can check out the similar drawing test on Surface Pro 7 device in the video below.

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The new Surface Pro X consumer edition will be available in following variants and you can pre-order it from Amazon today.

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