Microsoft pushes new Office Insider Build 12209.20010 to Office Insiders, here is what’s new


19, 2019

Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on Windows. The new Build 12209.20010 has introduced new features to the Office suite, Outlook and Powerpoint. Aside from that, it brings a few bug fixes. You can read the official changelog below.

What’s New

Feature updates


  • Send accessible mail to those who need it most: Outlook will display a mail tip to help you ensure that your content is accessible when sending to a user who prefers accessible content


  • Optimize your presentation for all: Accessibility Checker helps you arrange objects on your slides with screen readers in mind.

Office Suite

  • The Upload Center is being replaced by the Files Needing Attention experience: The Upload Center is being replaced by the Files Needing Attention experience that will show up inside the Office applications under File > Open. This new experience is more modern, integrated, and less intrusive compared to the Upload Center.

Non-security updates


  • Resolved an issue where check box controls could shrink when using autofit to adjust row height
  • Resolved an issue where selecting a cell after scrolling could result in the wrong cell being selected


  • Identified an issue which could cause digital signatures to become broken when signing an e-mail with a digitally signed attachment
  • Identified an issue where long filenames were truncated after draging and droping to the message body
  • Identified an issue where the search box could disappear when the ribbon is set to hide automatically


  • Identified an issue

where aspect ratio for the slide preview was not being properly locked/unlocked


  • Identified an issue where a welcome message contained an invalid link


  • Identified an issue where notes might not persist if entered while doing update tasks
  • Identified an issue where a file could be locked by a user, but no username would be displayed in the error message
  • Identified an issue where users could get several messages when opening a read-only project


  • Identified an issue when viewing comments while using a screen reader
  • Identified an issue where some critiques were misidentified as being spelling or grammar critiques
  • Identified an issue where a new comment dialog could sometimes not obtain focus

Office Suite

  • We fixed an issue where an upgrade could be prevented by a incorrect error message of “Another install in progress”
  • Identified an issue which could affect syncing from a local resource to a cloud resource
To update to the latest Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.
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