Back in 2018, at RSA conference, Microsoft announced Azure Sphere, a new security platform that enables highly secured, connected MCU devices. MCU devices are a new class of internet-connected devices that relies on a small chip called a microcontroller unit (MCU).

Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s answer to these escalating IoT threats. Azure Sphere delivers quick and cost-effective device security for OEMs and organizations to protect the products they sell and the critical equipment that they rely on to drive new business value.

Today Microsoft confirmed that Azure Sphere is now generally available.  See Microsoft’s explainer video about the technology below:

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Microsoft has partnered with leading silicon companies for building Azure Sphere certified chips. MediaTek’s MT3620 is the first Azure Sphere certified chip produced. In June, Microsoft announced partnership with NXP to release a new Azure Sphere certified chip. Microsoft also announced its partnership with Qualcomm to release the first cellular-enabled Azure Sphere chip.

Microsoft has also partnered with Seeed Studios and Avnet to deliver Azure Sphere development kits that will allow organizations to streamline their prototyping and planning process.

Microsoft also mentioned that they will have an SDK for Linux and support for Visual Studio Code.

Source: Microsoft