Microsoft’s LinkedIn app will get Fingerprint Unlock feature too

by Rahul
August 16, 2019

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Microsoft to add many new features to its LinkedIn for Android app in the coming days. Dark Mode is one of the features that is currently labeled as “coming soon” as the Microsoft has already started working on it.

Aside from Dark Mode, it appears that LinkedIn for Android will soon get yet another important feature in the coming days. By digging deep into the code of the LinkedIn app, the famous reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong found pieces of evidence that clearly suggest that Microsft is currently working on “App Lock” feature, which will let you use your fingerprint to unlock the application. The feature is similar to “Fingerprint Unlock” for WhatsApp.

As of now, the feature can be accessed through the “Account” section in the Settings page. Needless to say, you’ll need to activate the feature to be able to use fingerprint as a means to unlock LinkedIn on your Android smartphone. An interesting feature related to this fingerprint unlock feature is you’ll also be able to choose the timeout for app lock.

As I said, the “App Lock” feature works only with your fingerprints at the moment. However, Microsoft might also add security PINs as a means to unlock the app before the feature rolls out to the public.

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