Microsoft’s latest cumulative updates failing to install and causing random reboots for some users

by Anmol
August 16, 2019

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Just a couple of days back, Microsoft released cumulative updates for all the supported versions of Windows 10. The latest updates brought a bunch of new changes as well as fixed some bugs and bumped the OS build to v18362.295. Unfortunately, the update also introduced a new random reboot issue for some users.

Users claim (via Windows Latest) that their devices are randomly restarting after installing the August patches.

Screen goes black, PC shuts down. PC restarts, and goes straight to Desktop. As though it were just restarting normally, were it not for the fact that it doesn’t wait for programmes to close before doing so. I don’t have a login or anything, and it doesn’t go to BIOS either. There’s no way to diagnose this as it is completely sudden and without warning. 100% a problem caused by a recent Windows patch.

– Reddit

If that wasn’t enough trouble for the users, some have taken up Microsoft community forum and Reddit to complain about issues while installing the updates. The users report seeing error messages like 0x80073701 and 0x800f0982 when trying to install the updates.

These issues look random at the moment and not bound to a single device or a set of devices. We will probably have to wait for Microsoft’s statement for more details surrounding the issue.

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