Microsoft’s fully-managed event routing service Azure Event Grid comes out of beta


30, 2018

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure Event Grid, a fully managed event routing service that will help developers to easily build event-based and serverless applications even on Azure. Azure Event Grid manages all routing of events from any source, to any destination, for any application using a single service. Using Event Grid, developers can subscribe to any event that is happening across their Azure resources and react using serverless platforms like Azure Functions or Logic Apps. Event Grid supports events with Blob Storage, Resource Groups and Event Hubs. It will also allow users to create their own custom events to publish directly to the service.

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It comes with native support for handlers for events, like Functions, Logic Apps, and Azure Automation. It also supports custom web hooks to publish events to any service, even 3rd-party services outside of Azure.

Azure Event Grid is globally available in the following regions: West US, East US, West US 2, East US 2, West Central US, Central US, West Europe, North Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia with more coming soon.

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