Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella assures that robots won’t replace humans

by Anmol
May 28, 2018
Microsoft Satya Nadella

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Artificial Intelligence taking over humans has been a hot topic for debate in the last few years. There are basically two schools of thought, one considers AI to be dangerous and the other thinks AI can help humans do great things. People like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have openly talked about AI in the past.

Now, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has given his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and robots in an interview with Telegram. Satya Nadella believes AI and Humans can work together, and robots won’t replace humans on jobs.

What I think needs to be done in 2018 is more dialogue around the ethics, the principles that we can use for the engineers and companies that are building AI, so that the choices we make don’t cause us to create systems with bias … that’s the tangible thing we should be working on… Of course, we can’t expect perfection — there’s always going to be some bias undetected or that can’t be eliminated — the goal is to do as well as we can… Our business model is based on our customers being successful, and if they are successful they will pay us. So we are not one of these transaction-driven or ad-driven or marketplace-driven economies.

According to a report from MIT, Microsoft is working to automate the identification of bias in a range of different AI algorithms. With this interview, Nadella has cleared his intentions of supporting robots and AI to help human perform better in the near future.

Via: Financial Express

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