Microsoft’s Android launcher gets a new name, a new look, and Continue on PC

October 5, 2017

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Microsoft is rebranding its popular Android launcher. The company’s Android launcher was previously called Arrow Launcher, but it’s now being rebranded to Microsoft Launcher. The rebrand also includes a new logo for the launcher which you can see above.┬áThe rebrand makes a lot of sense as the name “Arrow” didn’t really have anything to do with Microsoft, despite having strong integrations for other Microsoft services like Outlook and Bing.

Apart from the new logo and name, there’s also a major redesign. Microsoft has refined the look of the app to include a much cleaner user interface. The update also brings Continue on PC to the launcher, which will allow you to open a photo or link from your phone on your Windows 10 PC. It’s very neat.

“As the next part of our journey, we’re so excited to announce that Arrow Launcher is now Microsoft Launcher. Not only have we rebranded the product, we’ve added several new features that represent our goal to provide the best productive/personalized/customized experience for anyone with an Android device. Our mission is to provide all Android customers the ability to choose their own personalized look, stay organized on the go, and be productive across all of their devices,” Microsoft engineer Ezra Park said on the official forum for Microsoft Launcher.

The update also includes support for custom gestures, and the ability to “pin” your contacts/people on the homepage of your phone — kind of like Windows 10’s My People feature.

You can get Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store here.

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