Microsoft’s 10Q SEC filing confirms investment in Windows Phone has ended

by Surur
April 29, 2017

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We wrote 2 das ago on a second-hand report from Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott saying ‘Microsoft’s wind-down of its phone business is “expected to be completed by the end of the current fiscal year.”‘ Now Microsoft’s official 10Q SEC filing, which is a legal document which is required to be accurate, has also confirmed the lack of investment in the future of Microsoft’s smartphone OS.

In the section speaking about risks, and specifically about the return on investment, it is notable that Windows Phone is missing from the list of investments Microsoft is making.

While some may say Windows Phone is long dead and we are now in the age of Windows 10 Mobile, this was of course as true 3 months ago, when Microsoft still claimed to be investing in that arena. It is also notable that the line is not referring to Lumia hardware, but appears to be talking about the entire OS.

At this point with even Microsoft selling Android phones in their stores, should our readers who are still using Windows Phones also be planning their exit, and if so, where would you go? The super-flexible but somewhat unstable Android ecosystem or the gilded cage of iOS? Let us know below.

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