Microsoft will soon let you mute ‘highly painful’ notifications during Teams meetings

by Surur
January 8, 2022
Microsoft Teams Alerts

Microsoft says the current experience of receiving notifications during meetings is highly distracting and there is no easy way to turn off these notifications making it highly painful for users.

Microsoft is therefore introducing a setting to help the user turn OFF notifications during meetings.

This will come in two forms.

First, a Global Setting to turn OFF notifications during meetings – A user can find this setting by clicking on the ellipsis next to the profile picture -> Going to global settings -> Notifications -> Meetings. This will turn off notifications for all the meetings.

Second, an Allow/Mute Notifications through the uBar – A user can wish to turn ON/OFF notifications on a per meeting basis through the setting provided in the meeting tray.

Microsoft expects this feature to begin to start rolling out in early February and expect the rollout to be completed by mid-March.

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