Microsoft will soon allow advertisers to add chat bots on Bing search results


26, 2017

At Build developer conference earlier this year, Microsoft announced chatbots for Bing for the first time. Microsoft allowed businesses to build a chatbot for Bing. For example, when a user searches for a hotel on Bing, user will have the option to chat with the hotel through the chatbot without leaving the Bing search results page.

Yesterday, Microsoft expanded this chatbots feature to Bing advertisers. Advertisers can now attach their chatbot along with their ads. For example, if they are advertising for a mobile network and they know that people often ask questions about upgrading their phone, Bing can now answer questions with this new feature right within the main search results page. Microsoft is calling this feature Chat Bot Extensions.

Chat Bot Extensions will enable users to have direct conversation with their brands and advertisers. While users will get direct answers to their queries, advertisers will have the rare opportunity to have a true conversation with potential buyers.

Chat Bot Extensions beta pilot program is now open for advertisers in the US and it will be generally available later this year.

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