Microsoft is now a Visionary Sponsor of the Python Software Foundation


30, 2021

Microsoft Python

Microsoft has been a sponsor of the Python Software Foundation since 2006. Today, Microsoft announced that it is increasing its contributions to the PSF even further as a Visionary Sponsor. As part of the $150K financial sponsorship of the PSF, Microsoft will be focusing its funds to the Packaging Working Group to help with development costs for further improvements to PyPI and the packaging ecosystem.

“The rapid rise of Python over the past 5 years is well documented and impressive. Python’s rise has been driven primarily by the growth of data science and aided by its long history of scripting, web development, use in education, and a careful balance of the language’s productivity with ease-of-use. Python, a language with a strong emphasis on developer productivity, has been dear to our hearts and aligns closely with our mission,” wrote Dan Taylor, Principal PM Manager, Python & AI Tools at Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft

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