Microsoft released a new Edge Dev build yesterday, but they left out one of the new features from the official changelog.

Microsoft has delivered some improvements to the Edge Immersive Reader feature, which strips a page of distracting elements such as unnecessary graphics and ads and improves the reading experience.

Microsoft has added additional fonts to the feature, and users can now select between Calibri, Sitka, and Comic Sans which should further improve the experience for those using it for accessibility purposes.

Microsoft has also added a new flag to Edge called Auto Immersive Reader, which would automatically load a page in Immersive Reader mode for eligible pages.

Currently, there does not appear to be a way to control which pages are affected, but Microsoft is still presumably developing this feature.

The improvements are currently available in Edge Canary and Edge Dev and should come to the mainstream version of Edge in a number of weeks.

via Leo Varela, Techdows.