Microsoft updated Store App Developer Agreement and Store Policies, do not mention “windows” trademark enforcement


16, 2018

There has been a recent controversy about Microsoft asking developers to remove their apps from the Microsoft Store due to the apps having the word “windows” in their names, with famous victims being the apps for Dr Windows and

Yesterday Microsoft announced an update to their Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement and Microsoft Store Policies but strangely enough did not address the issue.

The new version (8.2) of the Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement updates the tax language for developers in New Zealand and Australia, clarify new GST registration requirements for New Zealand App Developers and updated the Microsoft Subsidiary acting as agent in Australia and New Zealand.

The new Microsoft Store Policies clarify the requirements for storing or transmitting personal information, and add a new requirement stating that apps using app-specific authentication can only be published from company accounts, saying specifically:

If primary functionality in your app requires authentication by using an app-specific account, you must publish the app from a company account type. Note that you must also use a company account if your app accesses financial account information as described in policy 10.8.3.

It is, of course, notable policy 11.2 already addresses names and trademarks, saying:

All content in your app and associated metadata must be either originally created by the application provider, appropriately licensed from the third-party rights holder, used as permitted by the rights holder, or used as otherwise permitted by law.

It is somewhat surprising however that Microsoft did not take the opportunity to address the issue with developers.

The new Developer and Store policies can be seen here and here.

Via the Microsoft blog

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