Microsoft To Do for iOS gets updated with a new feature


18, 2022

Microsoft has pushed an update to its task management app called Microsoft To Do on iOS. If you are using an IOS device, look for the update that carries version number 2.70. Apart from taking the version to 2.70, the update adds an important new feature to help users add notes to tasks.

The latest version of the To Do app has a new Notes icon, which you will see while adding tasks. You will need to tap on the new Notes icon to add notes to your tasks. According to Microsoft, this will add more context.

You can read the complete official changelog below.


Microsoft To Do version 2.70

In other Microsoft To Do news, Microsoft recently added a new feature for To Do users on Windows, which now performs additional automatic commands in setting up users’ reminders. You can read about the feature in detail here. In February last year, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft To Do widgets for iOS 14 devices. You can view your to-do lists from your home screen with the new widgets. Microsoft will continue to add new features to its task management app in the future to make the app even better.

Meanwhile, you can download the Microsoft To Do app from the below link if you haven’t done that already, or you can click here to go to the App Store download page directly.

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‎Microsoft To Do
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