Microsoft to build its most advanced datacenters in Sweden

May 29, 2019
Microsoft Infer Net ML datacenter

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Microsoft today announced that it will build some of its most advanced datacenters to date in Sweden. these new datacenters in Gävle and Sandviken are planned to be among the most sustainable in the world. Microsoft is building these datacenters to meet the needs of future cloud services.

“We intend for our datacentres in Sweden to be among the most sustainably designed and operated in the world with the ultimate ambition of achieving zero-carbon operations. The datacentre design we’re developing will further Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future,” said Noelle Walsh, CVP, Cloud Operations & Innovation, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft will be working with Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat for this project. These two companies will be working together to further reduce carbon footprint of Microsoft datacenters in Europe.

Source: Microsoft

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