Microsoft teases “Windows 10 Devices” in Mail signature – Updated

We reported yesterday that Microsoft has made some minor changes to the Phone dialer app on Windows 10 Mobile. It seems this is not the only app Microsoft is tweaking in their phone OS.

In the latest version of their Mail and Calendar app Microsoft has removed the default signature that used to say “Sent from windows 10 mobile” and replaced it with a new signature saying “Sent from my Windows 10 device”.

It is notable that the UWP mail app for Windows still says “Sent from Mail for Windows 10”, making this a Windows 10 Mobile specific change.

As we mentioned earlier, since January this year Windows 10 Mobile is no longer supported, and it is not clear why Microsoft is making these modifications.  One optimistic interpretation is that Microsoft is looking to release a new Surface-branded Telephone-enabled Device and is tweaking their mobile software to support this.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.

Update: The plot has deepened as (as noticed by HTNovo) Microsoft has pushed out an update for the Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 Mobile, taking it to version 16006.10325.20107.0 which restores the old default  “Sent from windows 10 mobile” signature. Like the original change the reasons are not clear, but it could either be that Microsoft was not ready for any indication of their plans to be leaked, or of course that their plans have changed.

Which one do our readers think? Let us know below.

Thanks, Abishek for the tip and screenshot.

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