Microsoft teases Disney+ app for Windows 11 again

by Surur
October 1, 2021

Disney Plus has rapidly emerged as the only real challenger to Netflix, offering the exact opposite value proposition of blockbuster movies which are missing from the Netflix platform.

On Windows there is however a problem – while it is possible to stream movies from Disney+ via the browser, on Chromium-based browsers you are only able to stream in 720P, something not even YouTube users will tolerate.

1080P streaming was possible on the old Edge browser, but if you have updated your PC over the last year you should no longer have access to that app.

The solution is a dedicated app, and Microsoft has been teasing that since June this year, with the unveiling of Windows 11.

Now with the launch of the new Surface Laptop Studio, which features a Stage mode perfect for watching movies, Microsoft has once again teased the Disney+ app coming to the Microsoft Store.

YouTube player

Hopefully, the app will not just be a PWA, which would be a waste of the beautiful screen on the device.

via WindowsReport

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