Microsoft Teams will soon let you send Messages, even when off-line

by Surur
January 25, 2021
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s latest feature is a new Offline experience for Microsoft Teams.

The new feature, which has appeared on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, is not as magical as it appears – Microsoft will not let you receive messages with no connectivity.

Instead, Microsoft will let you respond to messages when you have poor connectivity, and then queue them to send when connectivity is restored.

Messages will be held for up to 24 hrs, after which Microsoft will give up and inform the user that their message has been cancelled. At a later stage, Microsoft will allow users to edit that queue, useful if you have a message that you regret sending, or, more likely, you managed to contact the person you are responding to via another channel.

The feature is mainly intended for those, possible on the move, with intermittent connectivity, such as for example working on a train or flight. It is expected to roll out sometime this month.

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