After latest update Microsoft Teams for Desktop now supports Quiet Hours, more

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s Slack competitor which offers a chat-based collaboration platform that brings your team’s conversations, files, and tools in a single workspace.

The service is available on the desktop and mobile, and in a paid and free version. Microsoft Teams (free) is intended for use by organizations, such as small businesses or groups of coworkers and is limited to up to 300 users.

The August update for the app brings a number of improvements, including support for Windows 10 Quiet Hours. The changelog reads:

  • Shhhh… Windows 10 Quiet hours support is here
    • If you’ve got Quiet hours set up in Windows 10 (RS3 and earlier only), Teams will recognize those settings first, then your individual Teams notification settings. Handy for those times when you just don’t want notifications from anywhere. 🙂
  • Legion of zoom
    • Zoom in and out of Teams the same way you do in your web browser. On Windows, use Ctrl+= to zoom in, Ctrl+- to zoom out. Get the full list of shortcuts and mouse zoom techniques here.
  • Adobe XD and Teams
    • Designers, take heart! You’ll now be able to share nicely formatted links to Adobe XD prototypes and design specs in Teams. Better than email, because you’ll see a summary and thumbnail preview along with the link. You’ll get notifications when reviewers make comments, and faster, integrated access to Creative Cloud files right in your Teams workspace. Read the blog post for more details.
  • Get ready for back to school!

Teams (free) is available worldwide in 40 languages. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a team inside a large organization, you can start using Teams today. Read more at Microsoft here.