Microsoft Teams Approvals updated with more templates and features


24, 2021

Making and Approving requests, contracts and more forms part of the role of most workers and managers, and to that end Microsoft has integrated an Approvals workflow in Microsoft Teams.

Approvals in Microsoft Teams enables everyone, from frontline workers to corporate headquarters employees, to easily create, manage, and share approvals directly from your hub for teamwork.

The feature was first rolled out in January this year, and earlier this month Microsoft announced new features and capabilities to make creating, managing, and sharing Approvals even easier.

These include:

Create an Approval template for your organization

You can quickly create an Approval template by selecting our out of box templates or making your own from the Approvals app. Just go to the overflow menu which will be visible if you are a Teams Admin and/or Team Owner and click on Template management.

Follow the instructions to name your template, select the approvers, add in the necessary form fields, and final workflow settings and hit publish!

The very first organization template will create an AAD group to manage the templates, feel free to update this with more admins as you need for your organization.

Create an Approval Request from a Template

With the addition of Approval templates, you now create approvals from templates your admin and/or team owner has enabled for you. Above is a quick overview of how to use it.

New attachment capabilities

The Approvals hub is now even more integrated with Teams, you can now attach files directly from OneDrive and Sharepoint as well as attach a generic link for content if it isn’t already hosted in Teams. This will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Markdown support

Microsoft has added markdown support in both adaptive cards and the details view Now you can ensure all your approvals are formatted correctly for all your approval processes. This is rolling out in the coming weeks!


Approvals in Teams is currently rolling out and should be generally available by mid-January. Support for template-based approvals will be launching in April and MarkDown and Attachment support will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Find much more resources on the feature at Microsoft here.

via OnMSFT

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