The Surface Pro X went on sale 6 weeks ago, and today Microsoft is offering the ARM-powered laptop at a steep $320 discount for its most popular bundle, which includes the Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen.

On offer is the 8GB memory/256GB SSD model, with the ARM-powered device powered by a custom SQ1 chipset. Surface Pro X also features LTE connectivity. Despite being the thinnest Surface, it offers great performance and visual experience through its virtually edge-to-edge 13” touchscreen. You can make Surface Pro X a full laptop with Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen.

Though still not necessarily powerful enough to be your only PC, the device is perfect for the road warrior who needs an Always Connected PC and knows the apps they intend to use work well on the developing platform.

Microsoft is currently offering the Black Surface Pro X + Black Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle for only $1,249, a whole $320 off the usual retail price of $1,569, making for a pretty reasonable price for a brand-new high-end laptop. The offer expires on the 24th December.

Find the device at Microsoft here.