There has been a lot of signs over the last few years that Microsoft is de-emphasising the Microsoft Store. These included a greater focus on Win32 apps, making Windows 10 S a mode rather than an OS, releasing apps first to the web rather than the store and allowing developers to install managed apps directly from their websites.

Today another developer raised some more evidence, noting that Microsoft Store support has become increasingly difficult to contact.

Developer Slaven Radic says he has 3 popular apps in the Store, which he wants to upgrade to ARM64, but has run into a large number of bugs and no help from Microsoft.

In theory, as we approach 1 billion Windows 10 users there should never have been a better time to be a Microsoft Store developer, but like many projects, Microsoft appears to have taken their foot off the pedal well before the finishing line, leaving other projects which are dependent on the Store equally floundering.

Have any of our readers who depend on Microsoft Store support to resolve problems run into the same issues? Let us know below.