Microsoft Store offers low price promise for 60 days

August 16, 2023
Microsoft Store offers low price promise for 60 days

Microsoft Store offers low prices promise for 60 days. That means that if you purchase a physical product from Microsoft, and the Redmond-based tech giant lowers the price for in within 60 days, you’ll be able to get a refund of the difference.

This offer is part of Microsoft Store Promise, which is a program that aims to encourage easy and convenient shopping for you and your family. However, businesses and students can also benefit from Microsoft Store Promise, and the program has some selected offers for these categories, as well.

How to get the 60-day low price promise

  1. Just place your order at Microsoft Store; the delivery date is the day your item is delivered to you.
  2. Check your delivery date and then check the price of the product you purchased within 60 days of your delivery date.
  3. If Microsoft lowered the price, the product is still in stock, then you’re up for a refund.
  4. Contact Microsoft Store Support and ask for a price adjustment; you can do so by calling them at 1-877-696-7786.

And if you do it, be sure to let us know your experience with Microsoft Store Promise.

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