Microsoft Shows Off Project X-Ray, A First-Person Augmented Reality Shooter Game For HoloLens

Project Xray

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft had demos of Halo 5 running on HoloLens. In addition to that, Microsoft also had some thing called Project X-Ray which is a first-person augmented reality shooter for HoloLens. It is not an upcoming game for HoloLens like Minecraft, it is an exploration for gaming in a mixed reality-environment. It’s designed to explore what’s possible when you have a device that’s untethered from a computer. What gaming could look like on a HoloLens.

Polygon had a change to try it out and they described the game as follows,

The game was fairly simple. Players put on the headset and hold an Xbox One controller in their hands. A targeting reticle is controlled by what you’re looking at and you can fire a sort of rail-gun with the right trigger and activate an ability that lets you see enemies through walls and slow down time with the left trigger.

The object of the game is to survive an attack of bug-like aliens that are breaking through the real walls of the room you’re in, by shooting them and avoiding their return fire and lasers.

You take damage in the game when a shot hits your head, but other than that one tweak, the game plays like a stripped down first-person shooter.

The game was a fun demo designed to show off the capabilities of the HoloLens. The targeting reticle was a floating circle with a split outer ring that showed my armor level and how charged my special ability was. Floating arrows indicated where the enemies were.

Read their full experience from the link below.

Source: Polygon

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