Microsoft rolling out new app icons for Office 365 Insiders on Mac

Back in November last year, Microsoft announced a new set of icons to represent a new era of Office. The new Office 365 icons were carefully crafted designs that honor heritage and welcome the future. Microsoft is now rolling out these new icons to Office Insiders on Mac. Microsoft described the following as the changes done to the icons:

  • To reflect this in the icons, Microsoft has removed a visual boundary: the traditional tool formatting. Whereas prior Office icons had a document outline for Microsoft Word and a spreadsheet outline for Excel, Microsoft now shows lines of text for Word and individual cells for Excel.
  • By focusing on the content rather than any specific format, these icons embody the collaborative nature of the apps they represent.
  • Similarly, they have changed the letter-to-symbol ratio. Traditionally, the letter occupied two-thirds of the icon, and the symbol took up one-third. They have changed this ratio to now emphasize the symbol because while the letter represents the tool itself, the symbol speaks more to people’s creations.
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If you are running Office Insiders Fast for Mac build 16.24.19030306, you will be able to see these new icons.