Microsoft reportedly demonstrated a dual-screen Surface device to employees

The Verge reports that Microsoft has demonstrated a dual-screen Surface tablet internally to employees

According to their sources, no actual device was shown, but a “sizzle video” showing the device in action was shown to the device team to enthusiastic response.

Microsoft has been working on dual-screened devices for years, and more recently was believed to be working on a dual-screen laptop running Windows Core OS and the Centaurus shell.  Microsoft has reportedly abandoned their work on Andromeda, a dual-screen phone-sized WCOS device running the Andromeda shell.

Microsoft’s efforts have however been rather slow-moving, leading to multiple OEMs simply releasing dual-screen Windows laptops running Windows 10 with a few OS tweaks and apps of their own. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can ultimately deliver more than sizzle video, as was the case with their original dual-screened device, the Courier.

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