Microsoft releases Windows UI Library 2.8

July 18, 2022

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Microsoft has released WinUI 2.8, the company’s latest stable release of the Windows UI Library (WinUI) for UWP applications. The latest version of WinUI brings with it several changes and improvements.

WithUI 2.8 now has support for WebView2, which means you can now embed web content in native applications with Microsoft Edge. Another change is that the supported version of WinUI 2 is now Windows 10, version 1809 — Build 17763. Aside from these changes, WinUI 2.8 comes with a good set of bug fixes and improvements. You can read the complete official changelog to learn more about what’s new.



WinUI 2.8

List of other changes made

The Windows UI Library is hosted in the Windows UI Library repo on GitHub, where you can bug reports, make feature requests, and make community code contributions. All stable releases and prereleases of WinUI are available for download from our GitHub release page or from our NuGet page.

If you are a Windows developer, do you like these changes in the WinUI 2.8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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