Microsoft releases updated Surface Dock Updater Tool


21, 2016

Surface Dock

Microsoft has recently released an update to their Surface Dock Updater Tool. Surface Dock Updater Tool is useful for an IT Pro looking for a way to guarantee that Surface Docks are running the latest firmware before assigning them to users. The version 2 of Surface Dock Updater Tool improves the reliability of Ethernet, Audio and USB, in addition to containing the video out updates that were in Surface Dock Updater v1.

The tool now also logs the MAC address and all the firmware component versions to the event log as soon as the application is opened and a Surface Dock is connected. Surface team has also made small changes to the UI, to accommodate the USB hub updates.

You can download the updated Surface Dock Updater Tool from the Microsoft Download Center. You can buy Surface Dock using the below links,

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