Microsoft releases Skype with new features and bug fixes

November 18, 2022

Microsoft has released a new test build for Skype Insiders across all platforms. The latest Skype build 8.91 has version number, and it also adds noteworthy new features for both mobile and desktop users.

The ability to sign in with a QR code is one of the features Microsoft is testing with Skype Insiders. It is also testing the ‘What’s new’ link, and clicking on it will reveal all the changes added in an update. ‘Sign in with QR code’ and ‘What’s New’ links can be found on the user avatar/user name page.

Another new functionality is the clickable or tappable message, which allows users to open the chat panel in the side bar and then navigate to the message by clicking the text over a user’s feed. This feature is also available on all platforms.

Aside from these changes, Skype also includes bug fixes and stability improvements. You can check out the complete official changelog below.

Skype Changelog


It is important to note that these changes are available for those who registered themselves as Skype Insiders. If you are not an Insider, you will not get Skype But chances are these changes will eventually be available for the general public after the testing is done with Insiders.

Meanwhile, Skype build is rolling out across all platforms. However, Microsoft says the update will be rolled out to users gradually in the next couple of days, and, therefore, there is no need to worry if you haven’t got it yet.

What do you think about these new features and improvements if you are a Skype user? Let us know in the comments section.

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