Microsoft releases new update for Social Engagement with Social Selling Assistant and more

February 7, 2017

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Microsoft Social Engagement enables collecting data from social media defined by specific search criteria. The collected data is presented in charts and graphs, and provides an overview of the positive, negative, or neutral feedback from your customers and users. Collecting this data can be an effective way to get insights on your business. Microsoft yesterday released Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.1 with new features and bug fixes.

With this new update, Microsoft is bringing a new feature called Social Selling Assistant which will empower your salespeople to sell more by leveraging social media. With this application, your salespeople get personalized and smart recommendations to share on their social networks to enable them increase their social presence, gain trust from their followers, and generate more leads.

You can now add your personal LinkedIn account as a social profile, so you can share any public post in Microsoft Social Engagement to your professional network on LinkedIn. Finally, Microsoft Social Engagement UI is now available in Japanese and Chinese (traditional) languages. It also includes the respective calendars for Japanese and Chinese (traditional) languages.

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